3 Things to Know About Your Garbage Disposal

Nearly every sink in American has a garbage disposal, but there is still a lot of confusion about how it should, and shouldn’t be used. Often used incorrectly and misunderstood, your garbage disposal wants you to know a couple things.


Your Garbage Disposal Can’t Handle As Much As You Want It To

Most people overuse their disposal, resulting in jamming, back-ups, and premature appliance life. To keep your disposal running optimally, place most of your food scraps in the trash. Peel veggies directly into the trash bag or a grocery bag placed in your sink, rather than putting them down the drain.


Not only will using the trashcan for large scraps help your disposal from becoming overworked and failing, it will also reduce the chance of a sink back-up. Your sink backing up into the dishwasher is a sign that too many scraps were put down the drain.


A Garbage Disposal Isn’t For Non-Food Garbage

A garbage disposal and a trash compactor are too very different things, however we have seen people allow regular trash to go down the drain, assuming the disposal will handle it. A garbage disposal is only designed to handle simple scraps. Even animal fat, grease, and stringy veggies don’t get along with the disposal, so paper towels, plastic, stickers and veggie ties, also shouldn’t go down there.


Your Disposal Needs Maintenance

Sometimes your disposal may begin to smell bad, in which case, some maintenance can be performed. Foaming cleaners and even baking soda and vinegar can be put down the drain to dissolve sticky food particles that didn’t move through.


If jammed, a disposal may need to be reset. There is a reset button on most models and is part of the design to “trip” if there is any safety issue. Resetting the disposal doesn’t get it to work, it may be time to replace the unit.


From time to time, consider putting ice down your disposal to sharpen the blades without damaging them. Freshen it at the same time by adding some citrus peels such as an orange or lemon rind to the cup of ice that you put in the disposal.


If your garbage disposal isn’t working as it should, you experience a kitchen sink clog or back-up, or you know you need a new unit, AC&R Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing is happy to help. Let our years of knowledge and experience work to keep all your plumbing systems lasting as long as possible.