6 Most Common Toilet Repairs

Running or leaking toilet? You aren’t alone. These are frequent complaints of homeowners when calling a plumbing company. So, what are some types of toilet repairs that are standard for plumbers, and what is typically included? What happens if you don’t address these common plumbing problems, and how much do these types of repairs costs? We hope to answer all these questions and more, but if we miss anything, give us a call. We are happy to help.

Leaking Toilet

If you seem to notice water at the base of your toilet on a regular basis, it may be due to damaged toilet supply lines. Replacing the supply lines is important to limit water damage to the floor, wall and subfloor. When the subfloor is damaged, the toilet may become wobbly and water can get into the space between the floor and and subfloor, or the ceiling if there is space below the toilet, before causing mold and other unseen but dangerous problems.

Typical cost: approx. and hour of labor plus minor parts ($$)

Running Toilet

When your toilet is running, it is typically due to bad seals or worn parts within the toilet tank itself. Modern toilets use cartridges that are much harder to replace than older floater-and-chain types. Allowing the toilet to run wastes water, increases your water bill and can frankly be annoying to listen to.

Typical cost: approx. 90 min of labor plus parts ($$)

Toilet Clogs

Toilet clogs are always a result of too much waste and/or not enough water. When too much toilet paper is flushed, or items like wipes, paper towel, or feminine products are flushed, they tend to get stuck in the drain, causing the toilet to not flush fully and sometimes overflow. Additionally, items can accidently fall into the toilet such as toys, hairbrushes and washcloths. A good plunger can solve most clogs, but, it the item needs to be retrieved from the line rather than flushed, or if water pressure or volume is an ongoing issue, a call to a plumber is in line.

Typical cost: the cost of a plunger ($), otherwise, varies depends on situation

Toilet Replacement

Overall, toilets have a great deal of longevity, but tank lids can break, and cracks can happen due to accidents or age. Additionally, you may find you need to replace a toilet due to a remodel that requires a different toilet size or color preference. Or, you may also need to install a taller, ADA style toilet to better accommodate an older or disabled person.

Typical cost: approx 90 min of labor plus parts which are dependent on your specific needs ($$$)

Toilet Seat Replacement

It is not uncommon for toilet seats to crack, become loose, or break. It is typically due to aging and they are easily replaced through a visit to your local hardware store. Be sure to get the right size (round vs. Oval) and the color you prefer. They are fairly easy to install and don’t require a plumber. Of course, your plumber is happy to install it while they are there doing other work.

Typical cost: your time and the seat according to your preferences ($)

Wobbly Toilet

A wobbly toilet is likely due to the need for the toilet flange and/or wax ring to be replaced under the base of your toilet. Sometimes, when the plumber pulls the toilet up, they may discover the floor is damaged by water due to the toilet leaking. They can properly advise you on the best action steps to insure you are safe, which may include reinforcing the floor and repairing leaks.

Typical cost: depends on the cause of the wobble but a reputable plumbing company will quote a price before moving forward. Feeling safe on your throne, priceless.


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