How Do I Get a New Sink Installed?

If you are a fan of HGTV, you understand the value that is place on a kitchen or bathroom remodel. They tend to be the first rooms renovated, because they make the biggest impact on usability and aesthetics. A licensed plumber is the contractor best suited for any remodel project that requires having a new sink installed. They pull required permits, set up inbound water lines as well as outgoing drain lines. These must all be up to current building codes, and if done poorly, can cause significant water damage and/or flooding risks.

In addition to being professionally installed, plumbers can help you achieve the exact look you are desiring. What are the top trends in getting a new sink installed? Here are just a few to inspire you.

Kitchen Sink Trends

The most popular kitchen sink trends right now, according to HGTV include:

Stainless Steel Self Rimming Kitchen Sink 

This sink is easy to clean, offers lots of space for large pots and pans, is simple and classic.

Undermount Sinks

This style of mounting is more about the countertop than the sink itself. Designed to sit below the surface of the counter, it allows for easy clean-up to better feature the granite or marble it rests below.

Integrated Sinks

Integrated sinks seek to incorporate the counter material directly into the sink design giving the appearance of a single slab.

Apron Front Sinks

Unlike undermount or integrated sinks that disappear into their surroundings, if you choose to install an apron front sink, you are making it part of the kitchen design. Whether porcelain, bamboo, or steel, a portion of the sink sits on the outside of the cupboard like an apron on a waist.

Bathroom Sink Trends

Again, according to HGTV, here is what is trending in bathroom sink remodel:

Double Vanities

No more sharing! Bathrooms with double vanities are allowing couples to have their own sink, counter space, and drawers.

Vessel Sinks

Stylish, unique, and made of nearly every type of material from metal to glass to hand-painted porcelain, vessel sinks are popping up everywhere.

Trough Sinks

Increasingly popular in commercial settings, trough sinks are long, allowing for a more seamless looking into the overall bathroom design. Go rustic or modern, the diversity only adds to the allure.

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Getting a new sink installed can be the starting inspiration to a kitchen or bath remodel, or it can be a focal point. It can disappear into the space, or add the component that solidifies the entire design. When remodeling, it is important to use the right people for the job at hand, and when it comes to water, a professional, licensed plumber needs to be on your team.

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