How Do I Stop My Dripping Faucet?

A dripping faucet is more than just annoying- water puddles can cause mold and damage; and excess water loss can cause a rise in water bills. What causes a dripping faucet and how can you fix it? The answers depend on the type of faucet.


What Causes a Dripping Faucet?


Usually a dripping faucet is due to damage to a washer, O ring, cartridge or seals. Loose handles and even damaged pipes can also cause leaks. Replacing these parts will resolve the problem in most cases. Water erosion will continue to damage these parts as well, so don’t expect it to be a forever fix, regardless of the manufacturer.


Mineral deposit build-up from hard water can also cause aerators to clog, causing a leak. Cleaning the faucet and parts with a hard water cleaner can help resolve it. Sometimes, more than one reason can be the cause for the leak, so call a plumber if you aren’t able, or desiring, to spend time discovering the problem.


Another possible reason for a faucet leak is too much water pressure. If you find dripping or leaking to only happen occasionally, rather than consistently, it could be due to too much water moving from one place to another and therefore looking for a place to release, causing a drip.


How do you stop the drip?

Fixing a dripping faucet starts with knowing the type of faucet you have and the reason for the drip. Clearly, damaged parts need to be replaced, hard water concerns should be addressed, and water pressure should be checked.


Start by shutting off the water to the sink to prevent the risk of flooding. You may want to put a bucket under the sink as well to capture any water that leaves the pipe or faucet area. Next, close the stopper so no parts accidentally go down the drain, otherwise you will have to remove the p-trap in order to retrieve the item.


Remove each piece with the appropriate tool, such as a screwdriver, or wrench. The repairs will then depend on the type of faucet you have, namely: compression, cartridge, disk and ball.


Often, faucet kits are the best way to buy parts to make the repair in case when you take the faucet apart, there are more than one damaged components. These sets include the complete innards of the appropriate faucet type, and you may even be able to do a YouTube search of your exact faucet for step-by-step instructions. Most manufacturers prefer installation to be done by a professional plumber.


If you don’t find yourself to be particular handy, or don’t have the time to make the repair on your own, AC&R Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing are happy to provide you with a fair quote and make the repair for you. As professionals, we stand behind our work and look forward to build a long-lasting relationship in order to help with your plumbing needs for years to come.