When to Call an Emergency Plumber

It’s the middle of the night and you hear running water… 

The toilet burps then backs up…

The garbage disposal grinds to a halt…


None of these sound very pleasant, but are any of them worth calling an emergency plumber? What can he or she do? Is it worth waiting until the morning? When bad things happen in our plumbing, we aren’t always sure the best action to take.


Should I call an emergency plumber?

There are times for emergency plumbing services, and times it can wait. Here are the pros and cons to picking up the phone and making the call:


Pros: Fast & Expert

Emergency plumbers are on-call specifically in case of after hours emergencies because they understand the problems that can arise from water or sewage if they aren’t immediately addressed. This sense of urgency means you can rest easier knowing costly additional damage isn’t being done in your home, and the repair will be skilled.


Drain cleaning and standard repairs that require simple or few parts that are already on hand will mitigate damage and the problem will be fixed quickly. 


Cons: More Costly & Potentially Temporary

Emergency plumbers charge more for after-hours calls. Remember, this is a human being who is doing extra work to help you, and they should get paid for being “on-call”. An emergency plumber may also not be available if there are widespread emergencies such as a deep freeze (frozen pipes), flooding (sump pump failures), or the like.


The other downside is that they may be limited in supplies, as supply houses are also closed. This means the fix they implement may be temporary and they will need to return during normal hours to complete the repair.


When to Call an Emergency Plumber


Some emergency plumbing is non-negotiable however, and a plumber should be called right away in the case of:


Flooding/ Potential Flooding

No hot water

Sewer line backing up

Frozen pipes that may burst


Bottom line, if it can’t wait, will cause damage to your home’s structure, or creates a safety or health concern, a call to an emergency plumber is the best call to make, anytime of day or night. If you are in the need of emergency plumbing services, AC&R Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing are here to help. Give us a call 24/7/365.